May 03, 2009

'Consequence Management Response Force'~Preparations being made by US military= Intervention in US life

Consequence Management Response Force


The Goldsmiths—Part LXXVII


By R. D. Bradshaw


The Independent Living newsletter had a late April 2009 promotional letter from its editor, Lee Bellinger, which warned of serious trouble for America that could be on us very soon (at, phone 877-371-1807).  He started his prediction with recognition that the planned use of 20,000 returning US troops for domestic emergencies has now been increased to 80,000.  He correctly perceives that the US government is preparing for a military response to coming social chaos in this nation.


Many of us realize that a catastrophe is coming from a disease epidemic, food problems, war, social unrest, financial upheaval, etc.  But the big question is the timing.  It's not an issue over whether, but rather when will it hit.  And for those of us involved in the financial markets, we want to know where to save some of our money in order to survive this coming crisis. 


In prior Goldsmiths, I have already related the total deflationary collapse as predicted by the Market Ticker.  This source puts the timing into the immediate time frame of this year.  Bellinger also projects an imminent crisis of a major proportion.  He says that the American people are going to learn that the veneer of civilization is far thinner than we realized. 


For my part, I believe it's close; but my best guess right now is that it will come next year.  It all depends upon whether the Rothschild Cabal can use bubble gum and bailing wire for the next several months to postpone the inevitable trouble while the Cabal continues to steal the rest of the US assets. 


Some Specifics


Besides his mention of the returning 80,000 troops for domestic emergencies, Bellinger has gone into describing specific preparations being made by the US military for its intervention in US life.  He cites the Army Times as defining the military operational force as being the "Consequence Management Response Force" with its purpose as being created to deal with what is expected to involve a coming, unprecedented wave of massive social disorder and unrest.  My website ( broaches this course of events in a discussion on the coming of anarchy and war. 


Independent Living cites a recent report in the US Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute which said that the US military must prepare for "a violent, strategic dislocation in the United States" which could be provoked by an "unforeseen economic collapse" or "loss of functioning political and legal order."


As proof of what can happen, Lee cited the past riots in the United States where social chaos overwhelmed law and order.  In most cases, US police forces almost always pulled back and abandoned entire neighborhoods to the vicious mobs.  In the 1992 Los Angeles Rodney King riots, the police hunkered behind defensive cordons as the rage unfolded.  The only contact authorities had with the law abiding victims was news helicopters flying overhead. 


About the only people who survived this onslaught in LA were Asian merchants who fended off the wild mobs by placing shooters on the roofs of buildings within their defensive perimeters.  Lee notes that these heroic Korean merchants successfully protected their families, shops and homes because they knew how worthless bureaucrats truly are.  He adds that the coming chaos will magnify those problems a thousand-fold. 


In terms of where we are now, Lee notes that our government powers deliberately keep us, the people, in dark about the coming threats to public order.  Thus, instead of relying on Washington (when she calls in our guns) or even our local police departments, we need to start making our own plans for survival. 


The Bottom Line


I agree completely with the above assessment from Lee Bellinger.  I am convinced it's coming—probably next year, but conceivably earlier or later.  And if I expect to survive, I will have to make my own plans and preparations and not rely on the lies and false promises of help from Washington or any other place in America. 


Without a doubt, guns and ammunition, gold and food will all go into the sky in price in this coming environment.  The problem we face is that there is a high probability that Big Brother will make a call-in of all of these times in any coming martial law situation which assuredly will be declared.  This will put us at the mercy of the roving gangs of rioters and anarchists. 


In the meantime, in making some plans and preparations personally, I know the best option for me is to own some gold coins, a gun and some stored food, as a minimum, if I hope to survive and if I am caught in this crisis in the US.  Of course, the better option is to plan on leaving the US before the trouble strikes or at least try to survive in a very rural area outside of the big cities. 


By the way, I discussed this whole scenario in some detail in the Goldsmiths, Part XXVIII, issued in October 2008.  As I said then, the smart thing for me is to have some gold and silver coins but otherwise have gold and other assets of value outside the US.  Big Brother here will flat confiscate anything and everything of value we may have when trouble strikes.  For sure, it will be impossible in that environment to move assets out of the US as I wrote last October. 



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