May 08, 2009

acetaminophen?- Deadlier than 'Swine Flu'...and in Your House

Health Sciences Institute: Code Red Alert - Why am I getting this?

Deadlier than 'Swine Flu'...and in Your House

You're probably worried about the potential 'swine flu pandemic' that's dominating the news – but the truth is that there IS something very real that's threatening your life...something the media is ignoring completely.

It kills between 100 and 500 Americans every year...often with little warning...and injures tens of thousands more.

It can turn a simple headache or a minor cold into certain death.

It's caused such widespread harm, that the FDA has (finally!) decided to take action (or at least their version of action...which looks a lot like inaction).

And it's in your house right now.

I'm not talking about toxic mold or a rampant drug-resistant bacteria. No, this is something you brought into your home actually bought and paid for it. And you probably had no idea that you were risking your life.

Because it's widely believed to be one of the safest drugs on the market. But it's not.

In fact, for hundreds of people every year, this 'safe' over-the-counter drug turns lethal.

That's why HSI's Jenny Thompson has released a new video in which she exposes the deadly truth about this dangerous drug ...and reveals the only way to reverse its damage before it's too late.

And you are the very first to see it.

If you ever use over-the-counter medications, you must watch this video to keep yourself safe and avoid the serious complications the drug can cause. And please forward it to anyone you think would benefit from the life-saving information it contains.

Just click on the link below to watch the video. It's only a few minutes long...and those few minutes might just save your life.


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