April 12, 2009

Resume for a Nation via technological employees-robotic/IP machines

I ran into an argument on why capitalism is in serious trouble from the technological revolution that has continued to eliminate jobs, continues to eliminate jobs. http://truth11.wordpress.com/
 It is time to look at how could a society exist without jobs?  Just a thought, If Fair Tax was our boss, wouldn't capitalism be able to find a way?  For a while, but it too is a short term fix.  If all the Nations of the World were to drop their VAT and adopt the Fair Tax, the Monetary system would be clipped and suddenly in control. 
The growth of jobs can flourish on the people's ingenuity, separate from the Industrial age, if it is free of tax burden and bureaucrat control.
If a general welfare, one equally distributed to each citizen is needed, the dispersement of the Fair Tax Plan's progressive general welfare plan, as previously defined, can be used to pay a user fee on machines taking employment.  Each citizen can be distributed an equal amount of the user fee, and that this techno fund must be held as not available to any other entity, then the American Citizen.
The wonder of this Nation is that Providence has been around every corner.  There is a way folks.  Look up, act up and let Him Bless us

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