April 26, 2009

Private Property, does it exist anymore?

County says 68-year-old man cannot live in shed

Staff Writer

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pasquotank County officials are seeking adequate housing for a 68-year-old resident of Northside Road whom the county says must leave his live-in shed because of minimum housing laws.

A fire severely damaged Troy Jackson's home at 1145 Northside Road about five years ago, and since then he's taken refuge in a work building behind the burned-out home.

But the county says Jackson has to move.

Officials are working on getting a mobile home erected on the property after the remains of the house are demolished. The county has applied for Community Development Block Grant funds for that purpose.

"If we get that funding that is what we hope to do with it," Assistant County Manager Rodney Bunch said of the plan to place a mobile home on Jackson's property.

Jackson wants to continue living in the workshop building on the property until the trailer is set up. But during a hearing on the matter Friday morning, the county determined Jackson was in violation of the county's minimum housing standards.

"He was ordered to vacate the premises," said County Attorney Mike Cox. "It's an immediate order. It should happen as soon as possible."

Cox said if Jackson doesn't comply with the order, he'll ask the Board of Commissioners to authorize him to pursue the matter in Superior Court. ...


my comment:
So, here we have an article that represents well the reason that many felt that Zoning mandates on what an individual can do with his or her property were unconstitutional.  A man's home is his castle and if he would wish to love in a tent, so be it. 
Why did Mr. Jackson tear down the second story work?  I can imagine that it was all about the bureaucratic snobbery and the job creating mandates by the County.  If someone wants to build a home on popular posts, which would be nuts, who should be telling him he can't?  The home is for living.  If it does not fit a certain idea of how we should live in this Land, then who is it that should be mandating how we live, a Zoning Board?  If I put up a fence because my neighbor is disturbed by my lifestyle and you cannot see into my property, whatever I build I build.  It is my property, my life, not some standard of governments. 
Freedom is near gone folks. 

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