April 07, 2009

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Dear FairTax supporter,

Thank you for signing the FairTax "Save the Nation" Petition to President Obama. We are very close to our goal of 100,000 signatures, but also nearing our Tax Day deadline.

To make sure we hit our target, could you take just a moment right now to forward this message to at least three of your friends?

Nothing fancy: Just forward this email with a brief personal message from you about why you signed the petition to President Obama to promote the FairTax, and why they should consider doing so as well.

If all current signers like you collect just ONE new signature today, we'll more than meet our goal of 100,000 names to deliver to the White House for Tax Day 2009.

Can you make that effort now to support the FairTax during this challenging time for America?

Dear Friend,

Sign the FairTax Save the Nation Petition nowWill you take a moment now and join me in telling the White House there is a better way to restart the American economy with the FairTax?

As you know, this is a very dangerous time for America and each of us must do everything we can to change the course of the nation. Only the FairTax is big enough to solve our economic crisis without borrowing and spending the trillions in massive debt cripples our economy for generations to come...

That's why I'm asking you to take a moment now to join me in telling the President we need the FairTax.

By adding your name, you'll be help grow our citizen army for the FairTax, which is growing everyday for good reason. The FairTax is a real and permanent stimulus plan that America needs now more than ever. While our petition to the President makes this point very clear, it will only be heard if we have at least 100,000 names from grassroots citizens like you--who care deeply about their country and know that we can do better. FairTax supporters have already had a huge impact in the past few weeks alone. Indeed, we've placed full-page FairTax ads in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Tulsa World, and Investor's Business Daily. Members of Congress even discussed the FairTax on the U.S. House floor during a one-hour "Special Order." And speaking of Congress, we just picked up four more co-sponsors for H.R. 25, the FairTax bill, bringing our total to 51 this session. And we continue to add new names to our FairTax citizen army everyday thanks to the support of concerned Americans like you.

Will you help keep the momentum going: Please take moment now to read and sign our "Save the Nation" Petition for Tax Day 2009, just a few days away. Help us work to create a better nation for ourselves, our children and grandchildren during this critical time for our country.


Ken Hoagland
National Communications Director


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