April 24, 2009

Gore want both carbon tax and Cap & Trade while the sun gets cold

Dingell says it is a huge tax cap and trade and wonders which tax would be best?  Gore says BOTH!. 
Why on earth would anyone believe we are getting global warming form carbon when it is warm weather that produces more plant grow and animal growth which in turn creates more carbon from our minerals.? 
We have a problem right now in that the sun has not had a solar flare or a sunspot in a long time months and the last time our sun acted as such was in the 1700's when we had a mini ice age. 
It is time to demand a media represent truth and not agendas built on lies.  That is fraud and we are witnessing the largest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind, with Carbon Company guru Gore at the helm.  Lock him up and throw away the key and cut out his carbon.

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