April 13, 2009

Former Rep. Chocola Takes Over at Club for Growth

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Former Rep. Chocola Takes Over at Club for Growth

Susan Davis reports on politics.

Pat Toomey announced today that he is stepping down as head of Club for Growth and former Indiana Rep. Chris Chocola will take over as president of the anti-tax group.

Toomey is expected to mount a primary challenge to Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Arlen Specter, although he has not yet formally declared his bid. In a statement announcing the leadership change, the group said Toomey personally recruited Chocola "so he could pursue other opportunities."

"The Club's continuing role in affecting policy over the coming months and years will be crucial," he said in a statement, "We have already begun to see a dangerous growth in government over the past two and a half months, and we are committed to fighting for our nation's economic freedom."
my comment:
If the support for fiscal restructuring includes the consumption tax and getting rid of the IRS and all unconstitutional power violations by the federal government , then good.  If not , then 'Club for Growth' but the same old dance the GOP has and it does not cut it.  Corporate leadership has not had the Constitution in their sights, but self service.  Right Romney?
R. George Dunn

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