April 08, 2009

Forbes: card-check is 'Soviet-style' (coming to town)

April 8, 2009

Forbes: card-check is 'Soviet-style'

@ 2:45 pm by Eric Zimmermann

Publisher and former Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes said Tuesday that the Employee Free Choice Act–also known as "card check"–represents a "a Soviet-style way of doing union elections" that "goes against the grain of American tradition."

According to CNS News, Forbes called the legislation the "Employee Forced Choice Act," adding that the provisions regarding government arbitration would be inefficient and cumbersome. "You would have arbitrators who have no real understanding of small business making decisions on wages, benefits and workplace conditions," Forbes said.

Mark McKinnon, a former media strategist ...


my comment:

Well clarified and add to it, dangerous.  Look at how disrespecting we have become to voter fraud in Government elections.  How corrupt will this Nation become as it says to itself, oh we can ignore this law or that law as it will be better.  FOR WHO? 

Now shall we have the conduct of our workplace become the leading edge for our failing Government?  HELLOOOO????

R. George Dunn

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