April 18, 2009

Federal Reserve is about to implode, taking our Constitution with it?

NASHVILLE, Tenn (Reuters) – Paul Volcker, senior economic adviser to President Barack Obama, said on Saturday that the U.S. economic recovery will be a "long slog" but that the rate of decline "is going to slow."

The United States may not be in a Great Depression but it is "in a great recession for sure," following the economy's unprecedented tumble in late 2008, Volcker said at a financial markets conference at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee....

...Volcker said a review the Federal Reserve's role, something traditionally regarded as taboo, now seems inevitable given the fallout from the long-running financial crisis.

"For better or worse, we are at a point where the Federal Reserve Act is going to be reviewed," said Volcker.

The wide range of proposals, from giving the Fed much more supervisory authority to stripping it of part of its current authorities, "are just an indication of how wide open that question is going to be."...


my comment:

As everyone has been saying, there is no such thing as a New World Order(NWO).  It is a tin foil hat that speaks of such a thing.  It must just be total coincidence that facts unfolding around this current fiscal crisis just look like they are being orchestrated towards the game plan of this NWO. 

The Federal Reserve is the U.S. Dollar.  It's movement will determine whether we are more vulnerable to the world community powers or moved toward a  closed Nation in regards to the world community.  You can take this to the bank.  If we the People do not head off this move by the big government types, we will be losing our Constitution in short order.

Being a part of the World community is a great value, but if such a relationship is to in any way jeopardize our liberty and freedom under the Constitution, forget it.  There is not any necessity for us to be the continued world reserve.  If these flimflam men have put our dollar into bankruptcy, then le tit go down and start anew.  We are not obligated to anyone to do otherwise. 

We did not become the lone superpower by accident.  Our Nation's work ethic and the economic capitalist structure we once had led us to become the wealthiest nation in the world.  It is not of any other reason.  If we do not return to those principles, we are lost. 

Adopt the Fair  Tax Plan now!!!  Pull in the powers of the Federal reserve now!!!  We as a Nation can go through a chapter 11 type bankruptcy and survive, but any attempt ton under mine the sovereignty of the States any more then already is will end the United States of America.

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