March 23, 2009

Chairman Steele takes on the Beltway crowd

Chairman Steele is speaking to the beltway establishment here.  How many times have we said that those who have the best intentions get to Washington and drink the water.  This attitude that Michael is demonstrating and his appointment of an outside of Washington Microsoft Executive as the Media Director continues to demonstrate his cleaning house of the good ole boy power base of the old RNC. 
As Reagan said, "Trust but Verify."  So far, looking good Chairman Steele.
R. George Dunn

Michael Steele Keeps Piling It On

Despite calls for his resignation and the disastrous results of his hip-hop feud with Stephen Colbert, RNC head Michael Steele can't help himself from slamming his own party.

In a moment reminiscent of George W. Bush declaring that "Wall Street got drunk," Steele declared this weekend that the Republican party, himself included, had "lost our minds."

Steele was frank about why Republicans did so badly in elections nationwide last fall.

"We started drinking from that wonderful Potomac River" when in charge of Congress and the White House, Steele joked. "We got that Potomac fever, and we lost our minds."...

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