March 02, 2021

“Stick a Fork In Him” News

March 2, 2021   

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"Stick a Fork In Him" News

By Mike Huckabee

In "Stick a Fork In Him" news, a third alleged sexual harassment victim has spoken out against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It's always interesting to hear Democrats like Cuomo and their defenders suddenly discover the importance of due process and not believing a charge without evidence, even if it comes from a woman, when they are the ones being accused.

You might think that this latest accusation doesn't sound like much, but that never stopped anyone from weaponizing such charges against Republicans. Still, I refuse to be hypocritical. Whenever such charges are made, one person's word against another, whether they involve Democrats or Republicans, my stance remains the same: the accuser should have the right to be heard with respect, and the accused has the right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

That even applies to Andrew Cuomo. I don't want him to have to resign over sexual harassment allegations that have yet to be proven. I want him to resign because he's a terrible Governor whose policies, lies and cover-ups killed a lot of people.

On that subject, he's hardly the only Democratic Governor who sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, exposing the most vulnerable Americans to the coronavirus. H ere are four others . And note that they include those who imposed some of the most draconian measures on their citizens in the name of stopping the spread of COVID.

Bonus: that story also has quotes from Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was vilified by the media and accused of turning his state into a morgue for refusing to shut down the economy and impose an ironfisted lockdown. In retrospect, he was proven correct, as Florida has a far better COVID death record than New York, despite having a larger and older population.

Referring to the early, flawed computer models that predicted millions of deaths, DeSantis said he was also being pressured to send elderly COVID patients back to nursing homes to make room in hospitals. But he said, "I looked at a lot of those models…and I didn't think that they were worth the paper they were printed on. They were based on flawed assumptions. They were not being validated in real time by what we were observing on the ground in Florida. So I said, 'You know what? If I have to build field hospitals all across the state, I will do that before I send these patients back into nursing homes and endanger all these elderly people.'"

Maybe that's a natural advantage Republicans have over Democrats: we've learned not to believe every hysterical claim and doomsday computer model prediction we read.

Supreme Court News

By Mike Huckabee

Today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two cases related to vote integrity laws in Arizona. One is a challenge to ballot harvesting, and the other seeks to uphold a provision that disqualified ballots turned in outside of the precinct where the voter resides (supported by 20 other state Attorneys General.) As usual, Democrats are arguing on the opposite side of both vote integrity issues.

Where will the SCOTUS come down on these issues? I have no idea, even though you'd think anyone who cares about having honest elections would consider both a slamdunk. I'm just no longer convinced that more than three SCOTUS Justices care about that.

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The Word For Today, Class, Is TRANSPARENCY

By Mike Huckabee

Transparency. In the current environment, it's what the American people need and deserve, at a moment when, on many fronts, we're getting the opposite. The shades are drawn and the doors slammed shut.

First, let's take the issue of transparency within the new administration. It's a joke. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on January 20, the day President Biden was inaugurated and her first day on the job, that Biden planned to "bring transparency and truth back to the government to share the truth, even when it's hard to hear." She also told reporters that she has a "deep respect for the role of a free and independent press in our democracy."

Note the propagandistic wording. By saying Biden planned to bring transparency and truth BACK, Psaki implied that Trump had made his administration less transparent and truthful. That is a lie. One of the main things we as his supporters appreciated about him was his candidness.

Trump would stand outside the White House and answer reporters' questions for as long as they cared to ask them. Can anyone even imagine President Biden doing the same, or even being able to stand up to the kind of abusive questioning Trump received? (We'll never know, because he won't be subjected to it.) Trump wanted information declassified and the doors flung open to what our FBI, CIA and State Department were up to during the 2020 election and his transition in 2021. They fought him at every turn. Trump wanted a transparent election process in 2020 and the aftermath. Think that's what he got? Yet Jen Psaki has the gall to say Biden is bringing transparency BACK.

And now, an unnamed official from the "transparent" Biden administration has told POLITICO it will not be releasing the names of those attending its White House virtual meetings, which, in the time of covid, are the main way meetings are conducted. The names of those attending in-person meetings will still be released, but not the identities of those attending virtual meetings. They also won't be posting the schedules of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The White House comment line has been shut down. And the White House website also will not be posting citizen petitions.

In answer to a question during a February 2 press briefing, Psaki also said that there has been no discussion about whether to release details of the virtual meetings.

Way to be transparent, folks.

As reported by THE EPOCH TIMES, more than a dozen organizations and political transparency groups have been putting pressure on the administration to disclose information about virtual logs and other information.

Here's one example , a letter written to White House counsel Dana Remus by a group called "Open the Government," on behalf of a host of these organizations.

They request a meeting with the administration to discuss their recommendations, which include making visitor logs available and searchable, modernizing records management systems, and restricting the use of disappearing message apps for government business.

Wait just a doggone minute --- they use DISAPPEARING MESSAGE APPS FOR GOVERNMENT BUSINESS??

Well, now we can see how dedicated the Biden administration really is to promoting transparency. In another example, from Monday, Psaki completely dodged a reporter's question asking her to respond to President Trump's comment during his CPAC speech that 'President Biden sold out America's children to the teachers' union." We can tell how interested the new administration is in transparency by the way she responded:

"I think we're going to do, ugh, spend more of our time focused on communicating about our agenda for the American people than responding to criticism from the former President."

Oh, brother.

Finally, let's look at one more area in which we're just not getting transparency: the November 3 election. Anyone trying to get answers, especially through the courts, is doomed to disappointment. On Monday, the Supreme Court once again shut down calls for a closer look, dismissing Sidney Powell's two petitions for writs of mandamus challenging the election results in Wisconsin and Arizona.

The justices had no comment.

One of Powell's petitions had stated, "A submission directly to this Court seeking an extraordinary write of mandamus is unusual, but it has its foundation. While such relief is rare, the Court will grant it 'when a question of public importance is involved, or where the question is of such a nature that it is peculiarly appropriate that such action by this Court should be taken.'"

Sounds appropriate to me. More details are in the report; it's part of THE EPOCH TIMES' "premium" news service, but we highly recommend this if you haven't yet subscribed.

Powell is still trying to get forensic examinations, saying that by federal law election records are to be kept for 22 months. She maintains that the evidence would be forthcoming "if anybody would issue an order allowing inspection of the machines." She said Monday that she "cannot begin to describe" how upset she is that the courts have not actually reviewed the evidence.

"It's incomprehensible," she said. "There is no rational explanation for not applying the law." Well, it's been clear for a while that the Supreme Court does not want to touch the 2020 election. University of California at Irvine Prof. Rick Hansen speculated on February 22 that the Trump cases are "somewhat radioactive" (somewhat?) at the Court and that "the case would become a further vehicle to argue that the election results were illegitimate."

Just by looking at the evidence? That would imply that there might be something TO the evidence.

We don't know what the evidence might show, because nobody will look at it. We just know that a process that should be completely transparent remains the very opposite of that. Justices Thomas, Gorsuch and Alito understand the danger to our system, the lack of trust caused by this, but all they have the power to do is write dissenting opinions.

Of course, Big Tech is in on the plan to stop transparency as well, by preventing the free flow of information and labeling anything that doesn't promote the official narrative "misinformation." The January 6 Capitol Hill breach was used as an excuse to suspend the accounts of a number of conservatives, including Powell, for daring to challenge the election results. Powell received no warning. Both she and Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn had their Twitter accounts permanently suspended.

More doors slammed shut.

Even Democrats Are Arguing Against Border Changes

By Mike Huckabee

Even some top Democrats from Texas are arguing against President Biden's reversal of Trump's border security measures.

They say Biden is causing a surge of illegal immigration, and bringing in dangerous criminals, dependent migrants and potential COVID-19 spreaders.

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar told Axios, "You just can't say, 'Yeah, yeah, let everybody in' — because then we're affected down there at the border." He said, "The bad guys know how to market this," and human smugglers will use the change in policy to convince migrants to come here. He hopes Biden will continue the Trump-era public health order to expel illegal migrants, at least until the pandemic ends – but since it was a Trump order, Biden has no choice but to mindlessly reverse it and never mind the consequences.

These Democrats are warning Biden that his immigration orders will be "catastrophic for our party, for our country." It's telling that they listed "party" before "country." Maybe they hope he'll actually care about that.

Gone But Not Forgotten

By Mike Huckabee

After being hit with a furious backlash, the World Economic Forum quietly took down its Twitter posts claiming that the coronavirus lockdowns were "quietly improving" cities. Why, that delightful lack of freedom, business and human activity in general was reducing air pollution and carbon levels, and that's what really counts, not all the human misery and ruined and lost lives. They forgot to mention all the CO2 that didn't get exhaled into the atmosphere after the victims of the disease stopped breathing permanently, but I think we can assume that they were thinking about it.

Climate zealots have long seen human beings as parasites that need to be culled (my response: "You first.") But there's another important point aside from how this reveals their lack of compassion, and that's how the lockdowns were used as a trial run for massive government control, as pointed out by British attorney Francis Hoar:

"Isn't it lovely to see all these quiet, dead cities, closed factories and grounded aircraft? Take this as a warning that if lockdowns are accepted in any circumstance, they will be imposed for climate reasons before long."

A Reader Writes Back...

I just wanted to note that, apart from your spot-on articles and Bible verses, I really love your new "America the Beautiful" feature at the end of your newsletter. Makes me want to take a road trip (even in the middle of the winter)!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, visit its website here .

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